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First Steps


Event Plan Strategic Questions

Events should be mindful, purposeful and strategic in planning and implementation, while always thinking of the end result. Does your event build awareness, increase donor base, engage students, etc.

Event Planning Guide and Checklist

Each event is different, of course, so planning should start a few months in advance. For a list of things to think about as you plan your event and move into the event execution phase, see the planning guide and checklist and tailor it to your event.

Presidential Involvement

If you are wanting President Kustra to attend or speak at your event, you will need to complete a request form. You should allow 2 weeks for consideration of participation and events scheduled more than 6 weeks out cannot be confirmed.

University Scheduling

Before you pick a date, we highly recommend that you visit the University Events calendar to make sure your event doesn’t conflict with another event. We recognize that there are multiple events happening on campus each day, but being mindful of your audience, objectives and University resources will make your event more successful.