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Previous Years’ Winners

Many of the students who have submitted award-winning writing to the President’s Writing Awards in the past few years are listed below. Congratulations to these students.

We have provided links to the papers that are available.

First-Year Writing

2017 1st Place: Stephanie Hamilton-Rubio Si Se Puede, Si Lo Haremos: Yes We Can, Yes We Will
2017 2nd Place: Kim Dueno “What the Phage?”

2016 1st Place: Kerri Hart “Growing Stuff in My Basement
2016 2nd Place: Brittany Picker “Euphemisms and Public Behavior

2015 1st Place: Birgit Phelps “Documentary Photography and Dignity
2015 2nd Place: Karyn Levin “Bringing High School Back to Life

2014 1st Place: Cora Barnes “Nonverbal Behavior and Communication in Autistic Individuals
2014 2nd Place: Jordan Osborne “Fear and Loathing on Our Minds

2013 1st Place: Diana Arbiser “From Hoarding to Landfills: Managing Waste”
2013 2nd Place: Hailey Vik “Party Yourself into Shape”

2012 1st Place: Madison Hansen “Awakened by ‘The Awakening’: A History of Kate Chopin’s Novel and Its Personal Influence”
2012 2nd Place: Chuck Clapsaddle “Homeless Veterans”

2011 1st Place: Jamie Lundergreen “Starbucks: The Ultimate Gentle Giant”
2011 2nd Place: Emery Ross “To the Stars”

Multilingual First-Year Writing

2017 1st Place: Eva Kanneberger “Motherhood”
2017 2nd Place: Nitya Bhargavi Nukala “How Stereotypes Helped Me to Understand Myself”

2016 1st Place:  Yewen Wu “As the Constellations
2016 2nd Place:  Rabab Alahmed “Social Predicaments Caused by Stereotypes”

2015 1st Place:  Oanh Tran “Selfplace
2015 2nd Place:  Abdulatif Aldihani “The Fact of Belonging

2014 1st Place: Keshia Mejorado-Mendez “Escribiendo Para Todos
2014 2nd Place: Anas Abdullah Alshaaer “Children’s Rights in Saudi Arabia

2013 1st Place: Gilbert Mbonyintwari “My ‘Guilde’ to Learning Languages”
2013 2nd Place: Ahmed Al Rashed “The World in One House”

2012 1st Place: Farzan Faramarzi “My Farwell Moments”
2012 2nd Place: Xiaohai Wang “Happy English”

2011 1st Place: Xiaojin Duan “The Obstacles of Second Generation Immigrants’ Language Heritage”
2011 2nd Place: Abdulmonem Almatar “The Lost and Found Watch”

Civic & Ethical Foundations

2017 1st Place: Tiffani Goodell “Value-Based Ethics: Why I Voted Independent in the 2016 Presidential Election”
2017 2nd Place: Jordan Hartmann “Advocating for Adolescence”

2016 1st Place: Samantha Headley “Every Sixth of a Sixth
2016 2nd Place: Jason Kyle “The Day I Decided Killing a Helpless Man Was the Right Thing to Do

2015 1st Place: Andrew Ridgeway “The Fair Labor Association
2015 2nd Place: Jessica Miceli-Dodd “Into Focus

Critical Analysis

2017 1st Place: Lex Nelson “Shakespeare’s Yosemite: The Forest of Arden in As You Like It
2017 2nd Place: Kirby Carlson “The Professional Veneer Versus Revelation”

2016 1st Place: Andrew Ridgeway “Tunnel of Privilege: Interpassivity as a Political Performance
2016 2nd Place: Connor Liess “A Born Suicide: Analyzing the Death of Vladimir Mayakovsky and His Poetry”

2015 1st Place: Andrew Ridgeway “When Species Meet: Human Exceptionalism in James Cameron’s Avatar
2015 2nd Place: Heath Kemper ” ‘If You Fight Against God’s Enemy:’ Representations of Good and Evil in Richard III and Henry V”

2014 1st Place: Jennifer Brooks “The Repression of Dream Work
2014: 1st Place: Taylor Kerns “Fathoms Deep: On Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea as a Map to Gender Identity Struggle

2013 1st Place: Madison Uhlenhof “Entertainment or Authenticity: The Other as Represented for Youth”
2013 2nd Place: Cheryl McKell ” Negotiating Melville’s Cretan Labyrinth”

2012 1st Place: Lyn Uratani “Evolving from Traditional to ‘Reversed’ Otherness: Agnes; Postcolonial Transformations in Louise Erdrich’s. The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse”
2012 2nd Place: Jacob Westerfield “Myth and McCarthyism: The Role of American National Identity in Film”

2011 1st Place: Tess Grover “Shylock and Javert: The Conflict between Moral Exactitude and Mercy in Law”
2011 2nd Place: Jesse Rosenthal “Everyone’s Extraordinary Evil”

Research Based

2017 1st Place: Alex Knudson “The Father of the String Quartet”
2017 2nd Place: Jenna Farmer “Effects of Nutrient Availability on Growth Rate and Carrying Capacity of Lemna Minor”

2016 1st Place: Andrew Ridgeway “The True Price of Bronco Pride: Confronting the Sweatshop System
2016 2nd place: Brenda Forrey “Responding to an Active Shooter on Campus: A Critical Need to Prepare Students, Faculty, and Staff at Boise State University

2015 1st Place: Alaggio Laurino “The Grieving Woman
2015 2nd place: Ryan Wright “A Delayed Sensation

2014 1st Place: Brian M. Lawless “Study, Analysis and Interpretation of Stream Data, Geologic, and Geomorphic Features of Selected Streams in the Boise Foothills”
2014 2nd Place: Rebecca Carter “Ann Landers’s Advice and the Sexual Revolution

2013 1st Place: Joshua Casaos  “The Role of BTLA and LIGHT in a Mouse Model of Pulmonary Fibrosis”
2013 2nd Place: Melissa Whiteley “In or Out of the Comfort Zone: Gender Preference in the Writing Center”

2012 1st Place: Jenna Nash “Sprawl”
2012 2nd Place: Jessica Ewing “Oratory in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”

2011 1st Place: Levin Welch “Ethnographic Introduction of Coping in a Timber-Dependent Community”
2011 2nd Place: Evan Sesek “Palestine: Racism and Apartheid in the 21st Century”

Creative Nonfiction

2017 1st Place: John Barrie Richard Spencer is a Friend of Mine
2017 2nd Place: Sheri Grow “On Being Schooled”

2016 1st Place: Joseph Wayment “Addictive Memories
2016 2nd Place: Lex Nelson “The Promise of Tastykakes

2015 1st Place: Mindy Hubbard “Valley Fever
2015 2nd Place: Lantz Brown “A Walk Around the Block

2014 1st Place: Pamela Craig “Mining for Monahan in Idaho: The Truth/Untruth about Josephine/Johanna/Joe/Jo
2014 Second Place: Mitchell Lewis “Playing without Fear


2017 1st Place: Dillon Haws They Shall Inherit the Earth
2017 2nd Place: Pania Seeley “Night Blindness”

2016 1st Place: John Barrie “Comitatus
2016 2nd Place: Morgan Ackley “Organic Therapy

2015 1st Place: Daniel Calderon “Paper Mâche
2015 2nd Place: Tim Atwell “Nightcall

2014 1st Place: Lacey Rowland “All We Need
2014 2nd Place: Andrew Murphey “Bear


2017 1st Place: Dillon Haws Pentad
2017 2nd Place: Lex Nelson Breakfast for Two

2016 1st Place: Gage Tellaria “Jump Start
2016 2nd Place: Jordan Osbourne [Canine Calaveras]

2015 1st Place: Emily Paige Erickson Untitled [What Games these gulls]
2015 2nd Place: Darby Ebeling Untitled [peace v]

2014 1st Place: Jerri Benson “Luminous
2014 2nd Place: Trevor Thomas “Orange Groves

Personal Essay

2011 1st Place: Josef Firmage “Spartan Decisions”
2011 2nd Place: Deena Trouten “My Grandmother’s Name was Marvel”

Writing in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

2012 1st Place: Mike Nielsen “Reducing Energy Loss in Water Heating Systems: An Economic Perspective”
2012 2nd Place: Brian Wright “Modified Traffic Impact Study for the Proposed Why-Not Manufacturing Facility”

2011 1st Place: Jacob Cragin “Biological Soil Crust as an Inhibiting Factor to the Entry of Bromus tectorum into habitats in Southwest Idaho”
2011 2nd Place: Heidi Ware “Predator Regulation of Bark Beetle Populations: Can Woodpeckers Effectively Control Beetle Outbreaks?”