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President’s Writing Awards

President's Writing Awards
The President’s Writing Awards Committee is pleased to announce the winners of its 36th annual awards season.

Honorarium, Art Design

Winner: Manuel Ortiz

Creative Nonfiction

1st place: Emily Lanagan “In Memory of White Rain Soap”

2nd place: August McKernan “Jelly Donuts”


1st place: Pania Seeley “The Lines Between”

2nd place: Cat Bullock “The Sea Maid and the Starfish”

Critical Analysis

1st  place: Evan Fishburn “Finding the Perfect Souvenir: Where Commodities and Orientalism Meet”

2nd place: Logan Potter “The Best of Both Worlds”

Multilingual First-Year Writing

Winner: Joe Ma “An Analysis of ‘Miyazaki Hayao and the Aesthetic of Imagination’”

Winner: Michael Hassoldt “The Way Home”

First-Year Writing

1st place: Luise Winslow “Analysis of the State of the Water”’

2nd place: Rebecca Bettencourt “The Science Behind Sleep Paralysis”


1st place: Amanda Haines “Demystifying the Model Minority Mythology”

2nd place: Lacy Harness “The Process of Inventing Fictional Languages ”

Civic and Ethical Foundations

1st place: Mone’t Alberts “What is Your Race?  Check ONE”

2nd place: Cade Yates “Black Tar? More Like Blacks Tarnished”

2018 Judges

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to our forty-one gracious and generous judges:

  • Elizabeth Barnes
  • Tracy Bringhurst
  • Ann Campbell
  • Sam Campbell
  • Lori Chastaine
  • Elizabeth Cook
  • Andrea Courtright
  • Stephanie Cox
  • Martin Corless-Smith
  • Julia Drew
  • Kenya Jenkins Fletcher
  • Tucker Grimshaw
  • Greg Heinzman
  • Chaney Hill
  • Tiffany Hitesman
  • Mark Horton
  • Kate Huebschmann
  • Christina Jensen
  • Melissa Keith
  • Chris Klover
  • Jenny Lawrence
  • Megan Levad
  • Skyler Meeks
  • Stephen R. Miller
  • Heidi Naylor
  • Bernice Olivas
  • Debra Purdy
  • Allie Qiu
  • Amanda Reynolds
  • Jan Roser
  • David Scott
  • Carrie Seymour
  • Marian Thomas
  • Jacqui Teruya
  • Gina-Monica Tomulescu
  • Nolan Turner
  • Tessy Ward
  • Kerri Webster
  • Jeff Westover
  • Sarah Wilson
  • Kay Wingert

Thank you to all who entered!

Check out the winning submissions from years past.

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