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Boise State University Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

View Survey Results & Report of the Commission and Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion

Commission Resolutions |Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Voices for a Better Campus

Boise State University aims to inspire and enable students, faculty and staff through an active commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Commission on Diversity and Inclusion was established to advance our commitment by better serving our campus community and maintaining our competitive edge and reputation.

The commission will serve to ensure that university leadership is interconnected with the student/faculty and community groups in the planning of actions that lead to desired outcomes and change. And, an advisory council will ensure that campus voices are heard within the process.

An invitation to serve on the commission comes from the university president.

The Charge of the Commission

Boise State University is part of a larger global community recognizing the opportunity—and responsibility—to share experiences, concerns and ideas to imagine a better future for all. Indeed we share a commitment to the wisdom that comes from accepting and including the many voices of a democratic society.

This commission will act as an executive-level voice in making action-oriented recommendations and overseeing implementation of planned actions.

Specifically, the commission will:

  • Gather and review information and data including past documents and campus studies as well as collect, update and enable a current status view.
  • Frame recommendations to Boise State University’s president on ways to advance our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Oversee the transition to actions in response to recommendations.

Commission Co-chairs:

  • Donna Llewellyn, Executive Director, Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives
  • Gayla Thomas-Dabney, EEO/AA Officer

Commission Members (Download list of Commission members)

In addition to the Commission, an Advisory Council will be created to assist with the effort.

Advisory Council Members (Download list of Advisory Council Members)

Role of the advisory

  • To assist the commission by providing input from all existing diversity initiatives and affinity groups on campus.
  • To assist with data collection (focus groups, interviews, town hall meetings, etc.)
  • To offer continued oversight and input during the response and action phase.

Advisory Council Co-chairs

  • Professor Arturo Rodriguez, Chair – Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Board
  • Francisco Salinas – Director for Student Diversity and Inclusion

Representatives from all diversity related groups on campus, including but not limited to:

  • Center for Multicultural Education Opportunities
  • Student Diversity and Inclusion
  • Casita Nepantla
  • MLK Living Legacy Committee
  • Faculty Senate Committee on Diversity
  • HERS West
  • Gender Equity Center
  • Gender Studies
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives
  • Center for Global Education
  • Admissions/Enrollment Services – Diversity and Transfer Recruitment


Here you will be able to access meeting minutes/updates (after the first meetings) and everyone may submit comments and suggestions via this form.