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President’s Letter to Friends of Boise State

February 21, 2012

Dear Friends,

The overwhelming sense of loss from the passing of our friend and fellow Bronco Steve Appleton can only be tempered by the memories and recognition of his legacy at Boise State University. From academics to athletics, we are remembering his widespread impact on helping to make Boise State a place of distinction.

The university is honored to host the public memorial service at 10 a.m. Feb. 23 in Taco Bell Arena, as we all pay tribute to a man who played a critical role in the transformation of his alma mater. We also are thankful that the Boise State University Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have been designated as the recipients of funds in memory of Steve, including a $25,000 donation by the Micron Foundation.

Steve was passionate about the importance of education, especially in business, science, technology and math, and keenly appreciated the need to have quality higher education and technical education available in the town where his business and employees were located. That was why he found time to co-chair our Comprehensive Campaign, show up to root for his old team at the tennis center he funded and which is named after him, and play a key role in our business and engineering colleges.

Steve was part of the university in countless ways as an adviser, donor, sports fan, alumnus, honorary doctorate recipient and Silver Medallion honoree. The common thread was his competitiveness and quest for excellence in those endeavors. His core values were evident in all he did – never forget where you came from and help those coming up after you.

His legacy at Boise State will be one of great example to our students, as it was during his life. They knew about Steve and understood that if he could accomplish all he did as a graduate of Boise State University, so could they. We at Boise State are committed to keeping his memory and accomplishments alive so they can inspire future Broncos as he did so well during his lifetime.

Bob Kustra

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