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Program Prioritization

Boise State University has just completed a year-long, intensive exploration of its programs, departments and offerings. The goal: Make the university more focused, more energized and more esteemed in the community and the Statehouse, and more aligned with the needs of its students and the future economy into which they will graduate.

The process started with a one-year mandate from Boise State’s Board of Trustees, the State Board of Education, but as President Bob Kustra announced at his State of the University address in August, the university hopes to seize the opportunity to build a meaningful foundation for making rigorous, long-term decisions to improve all of its offerings.

Learn more:

Read a summary of the report in Update.

Read the full report to the university’s trustees on the State Board of Education in August 2014. Read the appendices here. 

See the presentation delivered to the trustees by Provost Martin Schimpf.

Listen to an interview with Provost Schimpf by Boise State Public Radio.